Our Mission

To receive and execute God’s plan for ARKANSAS in order to advance the nation.

Who We Are

As Goes Arkansas is a network of individuals and organizations that believe the 2004 prophetic word over AR given by apostle Chuck Pierce, “as goes Arkansas, so goes the nation”.

During the 50 State Tour in February 2004, the Lord gave Dutch Sheets four promises for Arkansas.

  1. I am going to restore the foundations!
  2. I am going to realign and restore Arkansas with it’s God ordained purpose.
  3. I am going to dislodge the evil one.
  4. It’s time for Arkansas to blossom.

We are endeavoring to understand and move into the fullness of these words using gatherings across the state to locate like-minded builders of the Kingdom of God. In addition we facilitate apostolic/prophetic roundtables, intercession, worship, and prophetic summits.

We understand our place of service to the nation is to assist in moving Arkansas forward under the hand of God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Fast and Pray Against the Witchcraft Assault
10/17/2018 12:00:00 PM BY Steven Hollibush

We recently received an email from End-Time Handmaidens requesting urgent prayer.  I’ve copied the infor from the email below along with a link to a FoxNews report that ran a few days ago.  Please join us in prayer as we believe that this is spiritual warfare!

Email: On October 12th, Fox News aired this story of a witches' coven in Brooklyn, New York holding a public ceremony to put a hex on Justice Kavanaugh on October 20th (see video below).
Please fast and pray with the understanding that what is being done as a public spectacle also has implications of unseen and unspeakable activities against Justice Kavanaugh and the Administration.