The Prayers that make Diamonds initiative is a movement to rally all 75 counties in Arkansas to a consistent continuous County wide prayer movement. We are looking for County Initiators to assembly a team of people that will represent the Houses of Faith county wide. 

This initiative will seek to begin by organizing 7 days of prayer each month. Our hope andgoal is to see this movement to grow into daily prayer through out each month and the year. Those involved in each county prayer initiative will choose their focus in their county based on challenges of that county.

The goal is to assemble as many congregations to become involved as possibly can. There will be an electric flame torch for each county that will be passed from prayer group to prayer group as the group carries the burden of prayer. 

If you desire more information you can email me at [email protected] 
or go to www.asgoesarkansas.org 


Our Mission

To receive and execute God’s plan for ARKANSAS in order to advance the nation.

Who We Are

As Goes Arkansas is a network of individuals and organizations that believe the 2004 prophetic word over AR given by apostle Chuck Pierce, “as goes Arkansas, so goes the nation”.

During the 50 State Tour in February 2004, the Lord gave Dutch Sheets four promises for Arkansas.

  1. I am going to restore the foundations!
  2. I am going to realign and restore Arkansas with it’s God ordained purpose.
  3. I am going to dislodge the evil one.
  4. It’s time for Arkansas to blossom.

We are endeavoring to understand and move into the fullness of these words using gatherings across the state to locate like-minded builders of the Kingdom of God. In addition we facilitate apostolic/prophetic roundtables, intercession, worship, and prophetic summits.

We understand our place of service to the nation is to assist in moving Arkansas forward under the hand of God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.




Fear or Faith? - Hope is on the Horizon!
3/27/2020 9:44:00 AM BY Curt Landry

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