Our Mission

To receive and execute God’s plan for ARKANSAS in order to advance the nation.

Who We Are

As Goes Arkansas is a network of individuals and organizations that believe the 2004 prophetic word over AR given by apostle Chuck Pierce, “as goes Arkansas, so goes the nation”.

During the 50 State Tour in February 2004, the Lord gave Dutch Sheets four promises for Arkansas.

  1. I am going to restore the foundations!
  2. I am going to realign and restore Arkansas with it’s God ordained purpose.
  3. I am going to dislodge the evil one.
  4. It’s time for Arkansas to blossom.

We are endeavoring to understand and move into the fullness of these words using gatherings across the state to locate like-minded builders of the Kingdom of God. In addition we facilitate apostolic/prophetic roundtables, intercession, worship, and prophetic summits.

We understand our place of service to the nation is to assist in moving Arkansas forward under the hand of God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


August 2019
8/30/2019 12:26:00 AM BY Gwen Osborne

Aug 31, 2019

Dear Diamonds,

Another summer has come and gone in Arkansas and it has been full of God’s glory and movement in our state. So much is happening that I’m sure we don’t catch it all but here are some significant things you will want to know.


AGA Monthly Call

Our August call was so good we didn’t want to shut it down (but did). We spoke with Debbie Young of Russellville, author of “There is a River”.  I was so into the conversation I forgot to mention where you can get her book so want to rectify that, get it here.  She shared some of the prophetic words and visions that have been given to herself and others in the AR River Valley and how they are being fulfilled. I also just received a prophetic word for that area given by Shannon Yarbrough this past weekend!

Also, on the call was Justin Goff, pastor of Grace City Church in Harrison, who recently convened an Appeal to Heaven meeting with Dutch Sheets and others. If you were not able to attend, you can watch the proceedings here.  The prophetic words delivered at that conference are transcribed and posted here.  Thank you to grace city church for transcribing these words! Jeff shared his godly perspectives about the destiny God has for AR.  I encourage you to listen



-Harvey Woods

Last Friday and Saturday was the regional worship event at the Four-States Fairground arena. Over 2000 people attended. This was the 2nd year and many other teams and churches were added. I want to tell you this one thing I believe is tremendously significant.

The first thing on the first night was a community choir put together for the event. I joined with other area worshipers. One of our songs was the chorus ‘Let It Rain’. This well-known chorus originated in Texarkana written by Michael Farren.

Just as we began singing ‘Let It Rain’ a literal gulley-washer broke over the whole city. NO RAIN WAS IN THE FORECAST. We could hear it inside the arena above the music. As we continued to sing an image from a major intersection of Texarkana showing the streets flooded was flashed on the big screen behind the stage. It was glorious and wonderful.

This physical outpouring of rain on our dry ground as heaven and earth came together in worship displays what the Lord wants for this whole land world-wide.

Let it Rain, Open the Windows of Heaven, Let it Rain. It has begun.


Caro Avenger Diamond – the Lord Speaks

Speaking of rain…after a good one is when you can find diamonds at our state diamond mine (selah). The Lord speaks to this state in many ways, one of them is through this mine and its treasure.

People come from far and near to search for treasure in AR. On Aug 16, a young woman from TX was there with her family. While watching a youtube video on how to find diamonds, she just glanced down and saw one laying in the open.  Miranda Hollingshead found a “rare 3.72-carat yellow diamond” …It had recently come a big rain!  

As is the practice, finders name their diamond. Miranda named hers the Caro Avenger. Let me unpack this for us.

Miranda means “worthy of admiration”, “wonderful”; common descriptions of our dear Jesus who keeps us ever in his gaze.

Caro is defined as valuable, expensive, dear, beloved, costly, pricey, lovely, cherished, precious. This too could be a description of him but in fact is his high opinion of man, created in his image.

Avenger is one who takes vengeance for or on behalf of, one who exacts satisfaction for a wrong by punishing the wrongdoer.

One interpretation is that the Lord is speaking to our state about the great harvest he is sending after the deluges of spiritual rain that are presently occurring across AR. He is washing away all that stands between him and those who are destined for the Kingdom.  This is actually the vengeance of God upon the enemy. Salvation is part of his justice!


What Chuck just said about AR

Harv and I were called upon to attend the “Time To Plow” meeting in Witchita, KS, Aug 15 and 16. Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets spoke into the region and AR was a key. Below are links to both sessions.



One of the things Chuck made very clear is that AR, KS, OK, and MO must “walk together corporately to shift the nation”. As confirmation, Justin Goff mentioned a 1982 prophecy saying same thing by Jeanne Wilkerson at Grace City Church

Justin also sent a powerful vision from Don Allen of MO that exemplifies the same concept, from June of this year.

Another exciting thing Chuck announced is that gold will be discovered in Arkansas and there would be unity in the Heartland (AR/OK/MO/KS).


Business: As Goes AR… paving the way for the nation.

In Osceola:

How Arkansas Became Home to America's Cleanest and Fastest-Growing Steelmaker


Forbes magazine's Jonathan Ponciano puts on the hard hat and safety goggles to go inside Big River Steel's $1 billion mini mill in Osceola, calling the company "hands down the most technologically advanced and fastest-growing steel producer in North America." Among the differentiators, a "Wall Street-style" bonus program for workers. "The majority of mill workers have production bonus targets amounting to 150% of their wages," Forbes reports, so a technician earning a base of $18 per hour is expected to take home at least $45 an hour." For complete article click here.

In Camden:

Lockheed Martin, a global aerospace company with a plant in Camden just committed 142 million dollars for additions to their facility resulting in another 300 jobs!  Read about it here.

Thank you all for the community participation we are receiving at As Goes Arkansas.  The transcripts, videos, visions, and dreams provide fodder for prayer and strategy in our state.  Please share these resources with others who have a heart to see AR transformed.
 If you have questions or want somethings posted let us know. 

Gwen Osborne