Where are all the Scribes?
3/9/2019 5:45:00 PM by: Gwen Osborne

My husband, Harvey, is a scribe.  He has a desk piled with books and papers, scraps of things with scribbles on them, journals with documentation and doodles. His computer has voice files of revelation, dreams, visions, prophetic words. It’s a lot. I don’t know how he keeps from drowning. It’s his gift.

His job is to gather, record, review, and remind.  Sometimes he has to repeat to our body what the Lord told us last month, or to remind me of a now pertinent but long forgotten dream I had two years ago. His job is to keep the precious insight God gifted to us from falling to the ground, unheard, unheeded, unobeyed, not decreed…therefore, often unfulfilled.

Arkansas’ atmosphere has been filled with prayer efforts for decades now. Prophetic acts, prayer journeys, offerings made in unusual places, stakes (vavs) planted in strategic locations, etc. and God was always there, directing and declaring into the situations.

I’m wondering where all that documentation is?

I’m wondering where the scribes are?

Where is the stuff so carefully recorded at the time?

As we travel the state, I often ask people if they have any God information, revelation, from their region that might be useful to the state Body…there is of course, but it rarely gets to me…so I can’t pass it on.

Let’s not allow God’s word to Arkansas to fall to the ground. Let’s see that it gets dispersed to those who can hold and steward the word, who can pray it, believe it, decree it and birth it because AS GOES ARKANSAS SO GOES THE NATION.


Catherine Slezak From Fayetteville Arkansa At 3/21/2019 5:32:22 AM

Just moved here from Austin Texas, Would love to get a hold of those so I can pray according to what Heaven is saying ...

Reply by: Steven

Catherine, you can look at past words in the archive section of the website and also listen to past calls under monthly calls. Also be sure to sign up for our email list by using the contact tab.

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Where are all the Scribes?
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