From Tiny Towns to the Capital
5/3/2019 9:57:00 AM by: Gwen Osborne

My husband and I have spent the last several months traveling Arkansas. From tiny towns to the capital we have seen and heard incredible reports of what God is doing in our state. Some nights its hard to go to sleep just thinking about it all!

Prayer meetings are key. In numerous places healing miracles are occurring, dare I say, regularly. Another kind of phenomenon, churches that wouldn’t consider coming together a few years ago are now uniting for the sake of the kingdom and their cities. Worship is rampant, small gatherings, 4-hour, 12-hour, 24-hour, every Friday night, etc. Business people are realizing how much God cares about what they do, and city leaders are understanding their mandates for transformation. My spirit is doing cartwheels even as I’m writing this.

But what we enjoy most is seeing something else that’s new and different. When we look around the events, meeting rooms, and prayer sessions we see young people who are just as excited as we are! What a relief.

Those wrinkleless faces and hearts are joining with the middle aged and ancients who have traipsed the spiritual and physical landscape of our state for lifetimes. We have been in need of more troops and here they are, wearing tattoos!  We prayed for spiritual vitamin B and God answered. There it is, jamming on an electric guitar.

God’s best comes when three generations work together. Arkansas is being positioned for the very best. May the generations work together for his glory.



Barb Epperson From Camden At 5/6/2019 10:30:28 AM

All ages have come together at our church beginning last Aug. It has been phenomenal. Youth are now prophetically speaking. The Lord giving them powerful visions revealing strategic moves. Beginng 21 Day fast to move deeper. Camden is rising to its destiny.

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From Tiny Towns to the Capital
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