A Message from Clay & Susan Nash
6/11/2019 11:10:00 PM by: Clay Nash

Dear Friends of Arkansas,

     I want to write and share with you the success of the recent Arkansas Prophetic Summit. As most of you are aware, on May 31 and June 1 in West Little Rock we hosted the first of what is to become an annual assembly of people.
     We assembled to release righteous, prophetic and life-giving decrees over the great State of Arkansas and the amazing people who make up Arkansas in God’s plan for the Nation. Yes, “As goes Arkansas, so goes the Nation” is a now word.
     I want to begin by thanking all the people who came with expectancy and hunger for God. There were many activities that stand out in my heart. The opening night began with worship that helped us focus on the presence of God. As that focus became strong and clear we sensed the weightiness of significance that God had placed upon our time there. During worship there were prophetic decrees released that further helped us focus on the purpose of our assembly.
     We were honored to have Jane Hamon of Christian International, who is formerly of Arkansas and Anne Tate of Global Spheres, a former Arkansas resident. These two powerful women of God came with words that they released clearly and powerfully.
     The first night was also highlighted by the commissioning of a young female solider from Mountain View being commissioned for an upcoming six month tour of duty overseas. Many powerful prophetic words were spoken over Jessica Sterlin, impacting her life, destiny and purpose. God was weighty during this time.
     In the first service Jane spoke encouraging words of breakthrough in the resistance of answers to prayers that had resulted in delay for families, delay of projects, delays for churches, delay governmentally and delay in business. She went on to speak prophetically about one of the meanings of Arkansas being South Wind. Job 37:17 “He quiets the earth by the south wind.”
    It was then spoken of God about raising up an intercessory company in Arkansas. It was also mentioned how God had spoken in August of 2015 that He was releasing a greater seer’s anointing to the Nation from Arkansas. Then we showed a picture that the Corp of Engineers had released that very morning of the flooded Arkansas River in Arkansas. The water outside it banks had an image that looked just a like a serpent or dragon. A prophetic word was released back in February 2004 during the 50 State tour by Chuck Pierce & Dutch Sheets that said there was a serpent in the Arkansas River that needed to be dislodged. It was very clear that God was using this Corp of Engineers photograph to focus us further in our assignment to work on dislodging the serpent. This serpent is certainly Jezebel and Leviathan. God was speaking of redeeming the injustices of Arkansas.
     Anne Tate then released that there was a new release of angelic assistance and no one would be working without angelic assistance. There were many other dreams, visions, prophetic words released during this assembly. We are working hard to transcribe them and will make them available. If you would desire a digital link to listen to the conference you can purchase it by writing [email protected]. I hope this stirs a hunger in your heart to see Arkansas continue to step into its righteous place of leadership. Thank you for your heart of prayer and servanthood to the great destiny of Arkansas.
For Christ’s purpose today,
Clay & Susan Nash
“Disturbing the present in order to change the future”


Pat Taylor From Russellville At 6/11/2019 11:49:11 PM

What a TREMENDOUS meeting, Friday night especially because of what was done. And so many amazing things said. My favorite bit of instruction was the part about the fact that because of the dislidging you were talking about, we have an opening to declare the WORD!

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