Book Reviews

There is a River by Debbie Young

There is a River, is written by Debbie Young, intercessor and lifetime resident of Russellville, AR. It is chock full of prophetic words given to the lower Arkansas Valley region over many decades. Documented interviews with numerous intercessors and area seers reveal God's incredible plan for the area and the state of Arkansas. Several have seen the effect our state will have as God's glory flows into the nations from here. If you are an intercessor and/or a spiritual student of what God has in mind for our territory, this book is a must have tool. If you are apostolic, it is valuable for discerning God's strategy for Arkansas. This book is the fruit of a diligent scribe who chose to produce a most powerful tool for the saints, God's word, recorded. Would that more regional scribes would follow suite. It can be found on Amazon.

I Was There When It Happened: The Life Story of Dollie Anne Drain Simms by Alice Palmer Hill

In 1914, a girl of 14 was ordained in Hot Springs at the inception of the Assemblies of God. Under the anointing, this "child preacher' could bring in the crowds and revival. Perhaps the largest crowd, between 5 and 8 thousand gathered in Russellville in 1915 to hear the gospel and witness miracles. Dollie Simms and her husband spent their lives sowing seeds of revival into our Arkansas soil as they moved across the state planting numerous churches. They may well have planted yours. Their book contains a list of the churches with dates they were planted. The book documents a profile of evangelistic ways, methods, and paradigms employed for revival during the early part of the 20th century. They are thought provoking, perhaps repeatable. If you have roots in the AR Assemblies of God, you will find many familiar names in Dollie's memories. The book can be found on Amazon by clicking the link below.

The Best Is Yet To Come: A Life That Went From The Lion Of Metro Goldwyn Mayer To The Lion Of Judah

Told in an engaging manner, Bill shares his journey "from the lion of MGM to the Lion of Judah." From his beginning in the entertainment mountain as a popcorn maker, to his rise as Vice President and General Manager of MGM (a little higher on that mountain) to his present assignment in Jonesboro, AR, Bill's life points to God's unwavering faithfulness. Full of ups and downs and ins and outs, it is a bit reminiscent of Joseph and, come to think of it, would make a great movie. It is far too easy to relate to the successes, difficult decisions, financial hardships, mission opportunities, and giant leaps of faith described in this book. At every turn, good and bad, we are assured that "the best is yet to come". This short autobiography may serve as a reminder to the lifelong faithful of their own "screenplays". It provides a model of humble obedience and sacrifice for everyone. The book could have been longer...and we are sure Bill's story is, "because the best is yet to come".

Invite Revival By Tom and Connie Deere

I'm not particularly a revivalist so I wasn't initially drawn to this book. I assumed another topical rehash of the subject. WRONG. The first chapter doesn't pussyfoot around. The call is to do what the word says, wake up, sow the seed, seek God. The Deeres don't mince words or drown us with religious verbiage, which I appreciate. "The only reason the church isn't experiencing revival today is because they are content to live without it". There are a lot of quotable statements, so many that I quit marking them. The rest of the book is uncommon. It turns into a story and then a parable, a real vision I suspect, about a preacher and his path to untangling the mysterious journey of a golden key. In the end he makes a great discovery. This is a book for the discontent, those with impatient questions, true worshipers who seek his face, for those who long to hear the heartbeat of God...the remnant in waiting.