adapted from email by Dana Millar 7/30/16.

As most of you know Arkansas is the only place in the United States where diamonds can be mined.  That, in and of itself, portrays a very unique image for Arkansas.  Was God saying something about Arkansas thousands of years ago when He formed the environment deep below the surface of the earth, where under intense heat and pressure diamonds would be formed and later transported to the ground by way of a volcanic eruption?  

 It wasn’t until 1906 after years of the earth shifting and settling that a diamond was actually discovered.  I believe it was at this point in the history of the state that God‘s wooing began in a visible way.

The diamond is a beautiful gem stone; it speaks of love and covenant.  Every aspect of the form and shape of a diamond into the jewel we see has a unique connection to our relationship with God.  The rough uncut diamond is beautiful without refinement, but it is in the refinement process that the reflection of light becomes aligned to its source.  As the stone is shaped and cut, a crown is formed. Its’ perfect multifaceted angles reflect the beauty of light. This is the process we are all in; we are diamonds in various stages of being refined to fully reflect His light and glory. 
Arkansas is full of diamonds. We are searching for them, calling for them to come and help us build the Kingdom of God in our land. If he has placed you in our land then you are a treasure not only Him but to all of us. As you watch the beautiful video below, listen for his call.  To get involved click here.