Monthly Call

AS GOES ARKANSAS holds a statewide phone call every third Tuesday night at 8 pm. These calls pass along valuable information on the current state of affairs in Arkansas and it’s counties from a spiritual perspective and look at happenings in Arkansas’ culture. We interview guests from across the state to discuss relevant prophetic words, past and recent, and pray, decreeing the Word.



   Every Third Tuesday 
   Phone Meetings


   Hotline Number: (605) 475-4882
   Access Code: 984159#

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Title Speaker Category Topic Date PDF
February 2019 Chad Duvall & Dwain Miller   2019   Prayer over what God is doing   2/21/2019
January 2019 C. Nash, J. Goff, T&B Krukow   2019   What God is doing in Arkansas   1/15/2019
November 2018 Gwen Osborne & Harvey Woods   2018   Arkansas' First   11/20/2018
October 2018 Gwen Osborne & Harvey Woods   2018   Diamonds   10/23/2018
September 2018 Gwen Osborne & Harvey Woods   2018   Yom Kippur   9/25/2018
August 2018 Sheila Wagnon & Jackie Keller   2018   Education   8/21/2018
July 2018 Paul & Katie Howell   2018   Fort Smith   7/16/2018
May 2018 Tim & Aliza and Angelyn   2018   Gathering Place / We Are FREE   5/15/2018
April 2018 Gwen, Jeff, and Heather   2018   Arkansas and Israel   4/17/2018
March 2018 Sen. Jason Rapert, Clay Nash   2018   Arkansas   3/20/2018