Freedom in the 50 States
9/13/2018 9:26:00 AM by: Steven Hollibush

Freedom in the 50 states measures states based 230 different policy variables and then ranks them in terms of how much freedom they enjoy.  The data is published by the Cato Institute and looks at a broad range of metrics from fiscal policies like state and local taxes to personal freedoms like incarceration, gambling, and education.

The website is full of downloadable resources and a calculator you can use to set your own metrics for measuring freedom.  Each state is given a ranking, analysis, and even includes policy recommendations. 

According to the data, Florida enjoys the most freedom in the country and New York is the least free state.  Arkansas is currently ranked 31st in the nation for overall freedom.  Going back to 2000 Arkansas has an average ranking of 28 with 2003 being our best year with a rank of 16.  Click here to explore this resource!


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Freedom in the 50 States
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