The Southwest Trail Prayer Tour
6/24/2018 9:59:00 AM by: Dwayne Hardwick

Our first stop was in the small community of Gibson, an original town along the Southwest Trail. From there we went to the "little rock" boundary stone, the initial point where the city of Little Rock began.
Prior to the civil war, deposits of silver, copper, lead and zinc were mined from the Gibson area, the North Little Rock area was formerly named Argenta, meaning silver in Latin. We prayed against confusion in this community, a return to its proper identity, and discoveries of deposits that were hidden for this time. 
At the Arkansas River, we poured out salt, as we have at the Current, Black and White Rivers, for cleansing, repentance, and a return to covenant promises that God has made with His people in times past. We repented for broken promises with the native Americans, the Quapaw, Osage, Choctaw, and Cherokee, four of the primary groups located here in Arkansas We prayed for healing and restoration. We spoke against disenfranchisement and an orphan spirit. We declared that righteous boundaries be re-established. 
We walked over the river on the old train bridge walkway and declared awakening and reformation "As goes the Arkansas(river)" let it flow to the nation. 
Our next stop was the state capital building, we prayed for our leadership, laid hands on the seats of the Governor's reception room, walked and prayed over our state senate, house of rep, and cabinet offices. Our decree is that Arkansas from top to bottom, will know and serve the Lord. Echoes ran the halls as the children made this "house" theirs. His business is our business. His thoughts and dreams are what we are hearing and seeing. 
We had lunch at River market and then traveled to the old State House, that housed governmental offices from 1833- 1860.  It sits right on the banks of the Arkansas River. We toured, prayed, spoke with people, bought history books in the gift shop, and watched a video about the role church and religion have played in shaping our state!

God is calling us back to our place as ministers and managers of the Land of Opportunity, building upon the foundation of His apostles and prophets, and the pioneers that have gone before us. We are taking our place in His storyline. 
It was a great day to walk with the Lord in Arkansas!


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