3/21/2019 6:00:00 PM by: Gwen Osborne

After numerous requests to communicate what is happening in Arkansas regarding the Kingdom of God, I begin with this newsletter.

While Clay Nash is busy igniting Arkansas through key regional meetings, my husband and I have a mandate from the Lord. Our challenge is to walk out the Isaiah 35-word Dutch Sheets gave over AR in 2005. We are boots on the ground traveling the state in a treasure hunt for the spiritual diamonds of AR. We listen, encourage, and gather regional information, share what God has said and is saying and doing, cast vision for the state, and assist areas to see how their part fits within the larger picture. All of this makes up As Goes Arkansas.

For decades our state has lumbered forward incrementally, but not so now! 

Seeds of prayer and prophecy sown over many years and watered by worship are now springing up. The remnant is crying out for His presence. Cities and regions are coming together, Little Rock, the upper and lower AR River Valley, Texarkana, the Batesville area, Hot Springs, Camden, and Arkadelphia-just to name a few we have first-hand knowledge of.

There are several clear patterns emerging; they all involve Prayer.

  1.  A definite move of unified worship/ prayer on a regional scale.
  2.  Grassroots efforts spring up outside local churches. Young and old are starting various kinds of meetings.
  3. Many small churches in small towns are experiencing powerful moves of God. Check out the related prophetic fulfillment at Bell’s Chapel in Atkins
  4. Traditional congregations are shifting into intense prayer and obedience to the Spirit.

Here’s a recent example. In February, a large meeting in Little Rock featured well-known evangelist Todd White. Over one hundred churches joined together as twenty-five hundred people gathered at Agape Church. Most of these are smaller churches from the surrounding area. At this meeting, the fire of God fell.

A prophetic word was released over AR at that gathering

As Goes Arkansas has new resources to offer you. Thirty years ago, while living in Camden, God showed me a large number of books and each had wings. They were flying out of the city like a flock of birds. I understood there would be many kingdom books written there.  Although I haven’t run into any from Camden yet, there’s a section on the website titled “AR Scribes.” There are reviews of four newly released books by AR believers. Read the reviews. They are available for sale. If you have written a Kingdom book and would like to share it with Arkansans, send it in and we’ll post it.

We have a blog. I just posted one about a certain scribe I know. This blog is for insight, reflection, and creative writing. More to come...If you are interested in posting something please send it in.

According to recent articles, there is renewed interest in poetry in the US culture. This is great news for poets. The Psalms is poetry, some of the prophets employ poetry, and so does Pat Taylor (Russellville). If you write poetry or prose or have something to submit, please, send it in.


The governor held a Leadership Prayer Breakfast Feb 28th. We were privileged to attend. By the time we left, we were greatly encouraged about AR leadership. The governor clearly believes in multi-generational leadership as half or more of the speakers were in their 20s and 30s.  The sheriff of Pulaski County, Eric S. Higgins was the main speaker.  He is a devout Christ follower who desires more than all else to bring glory to God! Wonderful! Pulaski County needs him.  (

The same day there was a meeting of pastors at the capital hosted by Arkansas Family Council (


David’s Tent in Washington DC is a 24/7/365 worship ministry occupying a tent on the National Mall that has been going on for several years. Each state serves for one week a year.  Arkansas’ week will be April 20-27. Come for all or part. Inexpensive housing and meals are available, but limited in number. If you would like to participate in worship or intercession please contact Paul and Katie Howell (Ft Smith) at [email protected] or text @479-353-0822.

The Arkansas Prophetic Summit will be in Little Rock May 31-June 1 at the Arkansas 4-H Center, 1 Four H Way, Little Rock, AR 72223. Guest speakers will be Anne Tate from Glory of Zion and Jane Hamon. More info will be available soon.

Planning meeting for the event is Mar 26 at Bridge Church in Cabot at 11:00am.

Bible Reading Marathon in Arkadelphia begins Sunday, April 28th at 3:00 pm at the Clark County Courthouse gazebo and will run up to noon Thursday, May 2nd of the National Day of Prayer. Area churches have joined forces to publicly read the entire bible through over their city and county. Event is sponsered by The Women-of-Prayer-United. For more information contact Missie Kramer at [email protected]


Pat L Taylor From Russelleville, AR At 3/22/2019 9:36:38 AM

Gwen, I love the blog! Such good information! And thanks especially for the updates on meetings, very helpful! Also, I am SO honored that you posted one of my poems!

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