What's Blooming in Arkansas
4/24/2019 12:09:00 PM by: Gwen Osborne

Helllo Diamonds of Arkansas!

“IT’S TIME FOR ARKANSAS TO BLOSSOM” (Sheets and Pierce, 2005, p.134)

What a beautiful spring it is. Arkansas is blossoming with the glory of God according to Isaiah 35: 1, 2 (50 State Tour book).

Imagine the wilderness whooping for joy,
    the desert’s unbridled happiness with its spring flowers.

 It will happen! The deserts will come alive with new growth budding and

blooming, singing and celebrating with sheer delight.
The glory of Lebanon’s cedars and the majesty of Carmel and Sharon
    will spill over to the deserts.
The glory of the Eternal One will be on full display there,
    and they will revel in the majestic splendor of our God. (The Voice)

Read on to see what is blooming!

“THE RIVERS THAT FLOW FROM THIS STATE (Arkansas) WILL HEAL THE LAND” (Sheets and Pierce, p. 134).

Arkansas has been diligently working on water issues for years with increased activity over the past 12 months or so.


Arkansas River

Yet another exploit. April 5, (the last day of the Hebrew month Adar II) a worship and intercession event took place at the womb of the Arkansas River in Keystone Lake outside of Tulsa.  Fifty people divided into seven teams and interceded, broke curses, worshipped and cleansed both the Arkansas and Seminole rivers where they combine with the lake.

A map of this water configuration clearly shows a womb or a serpent. This is in part, what the Hebrew year 5779 represents.  The point of the effort was to drive out the snake and provide a pure womb for our river.

We are thankful for those who participated, Daniel DeLong, gifted in land work, first nations people from Oklahoma, as well as Oklahoma and Kansas intercessors and others.

Those of you who live in the River Valley, please be discerning about any changes you see and let us know. God is up to something big!!!


Bayou Bartholomew

Bayou Bartholomew is the longest bayou in the world…I had no idea! It runs 364 miles from north of Pine Bluff, down into Louisiana.

Several months ago, by invitation, Ray Garcia and his team traveled from Oklahoma to southeast Arkansas to pray over and assist in cleansing the bayou which was formed by the Arkansas River and ultimately dumps into the Ouachita River in the state of Louisiana. If you are not familiar with this national landmark, it’s worth learning about. Eventually it flows into the Ouachita River.


Ouachita River

Soooo it’s no coincidence that within the last month a word from the Lord came to a small group in Camden about the Ouachita River. “The Sandy Beach Revival”, word calls for unity, delight in one another and in him, and His desire to pour his presence into that place. Believers are joining in extended prayer and will gather at Sandy Beach to see what else God has to say.

A National Initiative called “Justice in the Waters” has been issued by James Nesbit. Three Webinars will be given for those interested in learning about water spirits. I will keep you updated on those.


Prophecy Fulfilled

No doubt you heard about the big explosion of March 27 just outside of Camden  . It was the third explosion since Chuck Pierce delivered a strange word to the city of Camden while speaking in Eureka Springs, May 25, 2008.

There have been two other explosions in the city since he delivered that word. One occurred in 2017 at a defense plant. Yet another explosion took place in Dec. 2018.  Hopefully this is enough to prove that the Lord will show himself powerful in Camden!


Prophetic Word, Guard Arkansas Borders

In late December we attended a small but incredible meeting in Washington DC. One of the speakers was Chuck Pierce, who warned that there would be great border issues in our country in 2019 (hello!). He said that division and disagreements would also manifest at state boundaries within the nation. He instructed us to hold purposeful worship sessions on the borders with our neighbors.

If you are border guards in Arkansas please gather with like-minded neighbors across your border and worship-war on behalf of both states.  I’d appreciate it if you would send me a note about any activity of this kind.


Racism in AR: years of plowing yield fruit

In 2008 Chuck Pierce stated that the unrighteous root in Arkansas was racism. He instructed Ruby Green, then HAPN and RPN apostle of the state to worship and take communion in 60 AR cities in order to pluck up that root. He gave her and her team one year to accomplish the task. They did it.

God knows-and so does everyone else in the US, that AR has led the nation in at least one thing, refusal to accept desegregation. In 1957 Governor Faubus, in an effort to disobey a federal court order for desegregation, called out the Arkansas National Guard to keep African-American students from attending Central High. In return, the President of the United States sent  in the National Guard as protectors of the brave “Little Rock Nine”.  This well-documented saga remains an embarrassment to and brings dishonor on our state.

Ten, perhaps twelve years ago, I was in prayer about the spiritual import of the sin and trauma these events had brought upon the state and I had a vision. I saw TV cameras and news reporters gathered at Central High. They were observing and interviewing a different kind of crowd. Teenagers with huge smiles, dancing, waving, and testifying about what God had done in them and in their school were trying to explain the news to these reporters.

The Lord spoke to me and said “Once again the eyes of the nation will be focused on racism in Arkansas at Central High. This time it will be for my glory. What the enemy intended for national destruction I will use for national restoration”.  I recently heard about some activity that leads me to believe this moment at Central High is beginning to materialize.

In the meantime, it is significant that Little Rock, (AR’s capital and home of Central High) now has a black mayor, black chief-of-police, and black sheriff (Pulaski County).  The last AR election brought the count of black city mayors to 24. Something has definitely shifted. Let’s press for spiritual resolution of this national matter and ask the Lord to completely heal the racial breach because as goes Arkansas, so goes the nation!


As I put the finishing touches on this letter I received an email from Arkansas for Christ, with the heading, “Racial Protests Coming to Little Rock”.  The protests are regarding the Bradley Blackshire who was killed on Feb 22 by a LR policeman when he rammed his stolen car into a police car. The letter warns, “Information provided to state law enforcement suggests that these protests are being led by traveling groups of protesters who are not even from Arkansas.”

Love. Pray. War.


Toby Hooten From Ward, AR At 4/27/2019 3:42:22 PM

I,m sure there are still many that remember the great revival meetings with Jerry B. Walker at Central Assembly in Little Rock-during one meeting in 73 he prophesied there would be a move of God that would draw people from 4 corners of the earth to experience His glory and power in Little Rock

Reply by: AsGoesArkansas

Toby - If you can find any record of that we'd love to share it on the website!

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