July 2019
7/22/2019 2:20:00 PM by: Gwen Osborne


July 22, 2019

So far this has been a very busy summer, spiritually speaking. 

Our prophetic summit was successful and timely.  Prophets Anne Tate and Jane Hamon, both originally from AR helped our state move further into the Kingdom Age. Prophecies were being fulfilled even as we met.  One being the “exposing and dislodging of the serpent” (2004, Sheets, Pierce). On our June phone call, a discussion of what happened at the Summit can be found here.



There is quite a commotion at the southwestern border of AR.

A monumental event occurred at our southwestern border with Texas June 16th. Texarkana is actually 2 cities, in 2 counties and in 2 states, yet the governments of these entities, and the people all are entangled in one destiny. As you can imagine, even for the church, things aren’t easy, clear, or unified. Through the years there have been numerous prophetic acts, prayers, and unity events on State Line Ave.

On that date in June another significant shift was finally made. Apostolic/prophetic leadership from both sides of the line were joined by Tom and Kaye Schlueter, national apostolic leaders from TX as well as regional leaders Ken and Ginny Bryan, also from east TX and covering part of west Louisiana, plus Gary Vawter and his wife from Canton, Tx to spiritually address the challenges of the region. 

Regional vision was cast, gifts were presented, and participants took communion on State Line with one foot in AR and one in TX.  Schlueter brought his prophetic plumb-bob , (one he recently used with Chuck Pierce on the US/Mexico border) which was held directly over the state-line by representatives of both AR and TX. Since plumb-lines point to the center of gravity, they ensure everything is right, justified, and centered; the spiritual orientation was reset. 

·Within 2 weeks of this covenant being made the Reader’s Digest picked Texarkana as a finalist to represent both states in the “Nicest Place in America” contest!!!  This story represents the latest word regarding the region.

Another example of fractures being healed in this corner of Arkansas is this. The Body of Christ in the Texarkana region will come together August 23rd & 24th at the Four-States Fairground Arena for the 2nd annual Texarkana United Worship event. Dozens of churches are cooperating with leadership arising from one entrepreneurial couple out of Fouke. The goal is to #MakeJesusFamous. The church of Texarkana is arising; the Ecclesia of the Body of Christ is stepping forward.



Hot off the press Tuesday night (July 23, 2019), U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker granted a 14-day temporary restraining order including a measure that opponents say would likely force the state’s only surgical abortion clinic to close. AR Gazette (July 23, 2019) reports that Planned Parenthood has sent letters to every OB-GYN in the state to find someone willing to perform abortions.  THEY RECEIVED NO RESPONSES!!!!...Planned Parenthood take away, “part of the problem is the stigma, especially across the South, of working for an abortion provider.” 

Well my response is, that’s strange. Abortions have been happening in AR and across the south for 40 years and stigma didn’t seem to stop those doctors.  But PRAYER, is making a difference. The HAND of GOD in our nation is making a difference. The ECCLESIA is making a difference. DOMINION is making a difference. Let’s finish this thing AR. Go the distance in prayer and obedience for the next 14 days and see what becomes of abortion in our beautiful state.

Hotter off the press.  Today the abortion clinic in Fayetteville closed. A family member just received a twitter feed from a pro-life organization reporting that Planned Parenthood’s lease was up. They hadn’t found a new location due to reticence from real estate owners to lease to them. That’s what happens when the ecclesia goes into the court of heaven and judgment is rendered in their favor. Yippee!!!



Speaking of NW Aarkansas, we recently made a trip up there and visited several groups of people.  It is interesting that as far as we can tell there is not yet an emerging equipping hub of the apostolic/prophetic flavor in the Fayetteville to Bella Vista corridor.  There’s a good chance we just haven’t run into it yet but at least two unrelated couples in different areas have assured us “there just isn’t anyplace”.  Curious.  Is it because the area is populated by large churches focused on gathering the younger generation? Certainly, there is a need for such a focus in the area. I wonder what this is about. 

If you know of an organism that functions apostolically or if you have insight into the situation, please let us know.  In the meantime, let’s ask the Lord to establish his ecclesia fully in that region.



Perhaps you saw an article in Charisma this month with the heading,

Local Church Pays Off $7.2 Million of Crippling Medical Debt for 6,500 Families

How would YOU or YOUR CHURCH like to set the people of ARKANSAS free from debt?? It’s not a gimmick or bait-and-switch question but a simple, achievable goal.  In my opinion, it’s a God Plan!  This month on our phone call we talked with a David Howell, Campus Pastor for Fellowship of Christians in Russellville, who caught wind of this and is facilitating  Arkansas believers and churches who want to take advantage of the opportunity offered by RIP Medical .  Part of the discussion was captured on the conference call for July. (We struggled with technical issues and missed the first of his presentation.)

In short, debt is purchased for pennies on the dollar (for example, 15K pays off 1M debt) by citizens, churches, organizations, etc. and then eradicated…unbelievable.  Each debtor is sent a note (it can be from your church if you choose) stating the debt has been forgiven and their financial record cleared, any other message may be added. This remarkable idea is a Joseph plan, a God strategy to begin dealing with debt in our nation. Please look at these links.

If you are interested contact David Howell. He will help you get started.  As a state we can choose to pick up this tool of freedom and fulfill our destiny—As goes Arkansas so goes the nation.

David Howell – Campus Pastor

Fellowship of Christians

[email protected]

(479) 264-4535



October of 2018 at a meeting in OK, Chuck admonished leaders to return to the trails in their states and follow them in prayer, opening up what has been closed or blocked and clearing the way for the new.  Dwayne and Paula Hardwick and their family are doing that for business trails in AR by traversing the Southwest Trail in prayer.

The Southwest Trail refers to a network of trade routes connecting the mid-Mississippi River Valley around St. Louis MO to the Red River valley in NE Texas. These trails were first used for trade by the ancient people of our land. 

The Hardwicks’ efforts matter since the business trails of Arkansas must be cleansed of the shedding of innocent blood, broken vows, moved boundaries, and all other spiritual obstacles that impede our prosperity. It’s time for AR to move into our destiny of abundance. The Hardwick’s are serving the state with humility and joy in preparing the way.

Dwayne talked about the journey on the call this month.   More specific information on their adventures can be found on our website. The trail page will be updated as we receive more information.


This and That

  • One of the things we see developing as a pattern is the unified city church coming together for large events. Please let us know if your city has/is convening in this way.  I want to have a call centered around this soon.
  • Will Ford and Matt Lockett will be in Little Rock Nov 9-10 as part of the racial reconciliation movement that God is bringing to Arkansas.  If you don’t know who they are take a minute to watch part of their remarkable story.  

We’ll have more info later as plans are solidified. Thank you Arkansas Awakening for your efforts.

  • Let’s pray for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. No doubt she needs rest, healing, and restoration so she can continue fulfilling her destiny. She has done a stellar job representing our King and President Trump.  Who could have withstood all that with such truth and grace? Not me. God bless Sarah.

OK Arkansas, continue enjoying the summer and taking the kingdom by force!

Gwen Osborne


As Goes Arkansas

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