The Lord is interested in our success in bringing heaven to earth in ARKANSAS. In order to fulfill our destiny, we must use every means available. Over the last several decades God has been unfolding strategies for his people to employ as they move the Kingdom of God forward. Through revelation and his applied Word, we have gained understanding of strategies which make our efforts more profitable, easier, and quicker. We want to partner with you as you engage these strategies and move the Kingdom forward.  To join us click here.

The following links will introduce you to three of them.


Seven Mountains
History of the Seven Mountins
Interview with Loren Cunningham
The Seven Mountain Mandate by Lance Wallnau
The Prophecy of the Seven Mountains by Johnny Enlow

Appeal To Heaven
Appeal to Heaven Story by David Franklin
An Appeal to Heaven by Dutch Sheets

Courts of Heaven
Resetting time in the Courts of Heaven
Intro to The Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson

Motive Gifts
Introduction and Overview by Ruthie Young
Prophet/Perceiver - Gwen Osborne
Prophet/Perceiver - Ruthie Young
Servant - Gwen Osborne
Servant - Ruthie Young
Teacher - Gwen Osborne
Teacher - Ruthie Young
Exhorter/Encourager - Gwen Osborne
Exhorter/Encourager - Ruthie Young
Giver - Gwen Osborne
Giver - Ruthie Young
Ruler - Gwen Osborne
Ruler - Ruthie Young
Mercy - Gwen Osborne
Mercy - Ruthie Young